Infinite’s Messages To Fans

Hello~ This is leader Gyu who is writing a message~^^ haha
We finished practicing just then and we have all come together at our dorm. I’m writing this message on behalf of all our members.
Next to me our members are sitting with the eyes wide open watching the monitor k
I don’t know why but i’m getting nervous writing this message TT
Finally today us mangwondong brothers kk infinite’s first offical activity, You are my oppa was aired~!! jjajan~!
We viewed the first episode together with butterflies in our stomachs~ hehe
I don’t know if you enjoyed Infinites honest talks..+_+
These days we are doing our best in practicising and are enjoying the filming along with the best staff and epikhigh hyungs~
This was the first time filming for a broadcast and learnt a lot and felt a lot of things
I wish through this program that we got closer to you !!^^

In episode 2 we will be the more fresh Infinite~ Please support a lot!!
This was Infinite’s rep leader gyu^^

Hello, I’m Infinite’s L (Myungsoo).
Everyone! It’s finally Monday. Infinite You are my Oppa’s 2nd episode is today~~ It’s already the 2nd episode~~
I’m so thankful that a lot of people have interest in us and are giving us a lot of love.
Recently we are working hard, going back and forth with shooting our show and practicing.
It’s hard, but because you all are supporting and loving us, everyday is fun and we’re living life joyfully.
Today’s broadcast of Infinite You are my Oppa 2nd episode!! I’m anticipating how everybody will view it but at the same time I’m worried..
You all wait for the episodes too right? We end up waiting for it too~ I’m nervous again.. ^^
That’s why I, L, as you can see above, prepared a present for you guys, hehe!
After shooting for 1 night and 2 days, we just came to our house~ But because I really really wanted to show you guys the picture, I begged the script writer and brought it here~~ The beach was so pretty, I wanted to brag to you guys, but it’s the backside of Infinite ^^
Check the front side when it airs later~~ ^^ It’s totally funny!
Oh my.. Dongwoo hyung was behind me watching, but now he fell asleep… Goodnight Dongwoo hyung keke
Anyways! Because I stayed up for 2 days, I’m half awake half asleep~ I’m writing with my eyes barely open ^^;;
Then I will go to my dream land now~ Let’s meet at 7PM ~~~
Mission! Which member is which in the pictures that I just uploaded!
Okay, L will really get goint now~~ Goodnight!

Finally i am the last person to write a message~
This is Infinite’s 7th member Sungyeol^^
I was so jealous of all the members when they were writing their messages.
And now i am the last~
Infinite is now complete^^
We are very busy these days.
Our rehearsals have increased by twice the usual and we are also studying music so we can present you with good music.
and finally! On the 12th finally Infinite will come out to meet you guys.
So nervous! So nervous! Thinking about just gives me butterflies~
I havent seen it yet so its getting me more nervous TT
Ah! I have just noticed that the members is now over 2000 members!
Thats so cool ! Aria Jjang!
Nowadays in the early mornings when im heading back to our dorm after practice finishes even though its a short time and i dont know you guys yet i have this image in my head ^^
I think about you all the time and i really want to meet you quickly!
Seeing as im the last one writing the message all the other members are behind me reading –;;
Because of this its a bit intimidating being the last ^^
Anyway! Sunggyu hyung, Woohyun hyung, Dongwoo Hyung, Hoya, L, Me Sunggyeoul and our maknae Sungjong
Please always support us Infinite and look over us~
Thinking of you guys we will do our best in music~^
Lastly~ April 12th 7:30pm
“Mnet Idol Human Theatre”
“Infinite you are my oppa”
Please show a lot of love!
Infinite, Aria hwaiting !!!

Hello~~~^^ This is infinite’s Woohyun~!!

Hello^^ I am Woohyun, one of the members from infinite~
Even before we debut we have a fancafe and the members…wow…we already have over 1400 members!!
Thankyou for all the interest
With all the interest you are giving us we will get more strength and try hard and also will go to you with good music~
I will come here more often and read what fans write and i will also leave writings of my own.
We are using all our strength on the last of our recordings and also came out in epikhigh hyung’s music video
Soon we will be appearing on a show on mnet
Ah also soon all members will be making a twitter and will show you our daily selves
When we do please follow us a lot and will try really reall hard~ Aja!!
Lastly thank you for all your interest and your love.
Today i write here as a rep of the members but the other members come to the cafe often as well and i will tell them to write something~
Please be careful of the cold…hwaiting~~!!!!

Hello. This is infinite’s maknae seongjong^^*
Nice to meet you~~~~~ I was going to leave a message after inkigayo finished but i couldnt because i was busy~γ… 
At inkigayo i was performing behind seniors epikhigh but i made lots of mistakes and was really awkward..
I think i was really nervous because i performed in front of a lot of fans!
But because of all the cheers im still shaking and im really happy ^^
After seeing the fans cheering for us in real life i had this thought that im going to have to try harder.
Also i really want to sing in front of all the fans~ now now~
Nowadays i have dreams of me singing happily on stage γ… γ… 
Now seeing as my dreams are about to become real everyday is like a dream.
I will try my best to meet you guys quickly and will come to you as the perfect infinite.
Please look after me jjong~~ infinite fighting!!!

Hello this is infinite’s member who was unknown dongwoo.
After this fancafe was made the photos of other members came up, they were chatting with you girls and was reading all the support messages…i got really jealous kk
With the jealousy while i was unknown i got really fustrated with all the rumours and the curiosity.
Finally….writing this now the fustration is now going away and a smile is lingering at my lips kkk
I am writing this now after performing ‘RUN’ with seniors epikhigh ~.~
Even though it wasnt our stage performance, while i was dancing at the back i was really touched but all the cheers and i still feel it now hehe
It feels like ill remember it when i sleep too
Also i understood the other members feelings after performing on stage for the first time with our seniors.
Even though it was our seniors stage, i felt a lot of things!
Out of that the biggest even though im speaking ahead, was the connection between the people who do music and who listen to music. Because of that we have improved a lot
and we should feel the music and enjoy it with our members music with you guys hehe
Is it just me who felt that? ~.~;;
My message feels like a documentary;; its kind of turning into a feelings message kk
Ah; i wonder if there are people who recognises us TT
Even though it was a short period i will show myself more~
Now i will go to inkigayo~~^^
Infinite Aria fighting!!!!

Hello Everyone! This is Infinite’s Hoya!
I’m the sixth person to write a message!!!
Thank goodness im not the last hahahahaha
I have just come out from a recording kk
To let everyone listen to good music!
Us 7 members are doing our best in recording and practicing!
We are also doing our best for our new show on mnet.
The filming for our show was very nerve racking seeing as its my first time showing you this side of us. But thinking about meeting with you guys gave me a lot of strength.
You are all looking forward to it right!?
Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as you were looking forward to it hehe
If you wait a little bit more, you will be able to see us every week.
Also we will let your ears enjoy good music~
On the 14th at 6PM! You will all tune in right? ^^*
I will meet you all through broadcast~~

CR: Infinite fancafe Aria
Translations: michjkim@nolimitinfinite | evilstepsister#2@nolimitinfinite

sorry for not updating and translating~ T~T


lagi sibuk ngurusin masuk univ. sekali lagi maaf ya..

dan newsnya agak lama ini. sekitar jamannya sebelum You’re My Brother tayang.


10 Responses to “Infinite’s Messages To Fans”

  1. akuu suka “L” …
    love so much πŸ™‚

  2. kakak, mereka punya account apapun ga sih di internet?


  4. carolsteph Says:

    i love L!!!

  5. Aww ~ I love kim sunggyu .. oppa , saranghae ..

  6. Htet Oo Khin Says:

    We know that you are busy men. You should know that you are my idols forever.

  7. Htet Oo Khin Says:

    You are the best.

  8. cutest n best group

  9. To be honest, I’m not really familiar with Korean pop idols but I think Infinite is literally the first idol group that I like. Each of the oppas, are lovable both on camera and in real life. The “You are my Oppa,” was very touching. Thank you, Infinite.

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