100517 Dongwoo’s message to kfans

Hello~~ Ho~!! I’m from Kenya Dongwoo!
It has been a while since I updated you guys~ I only come in everyday and only lurk~
Wow~ the cafe is a big hit~~ 3000 HIT ㅜㅜ I’m so touched~ I seriously got goosebumps when I came in..
Us Infinite are growing well because of all your love and interest ^^
But really cutie Jjong and L and our Director Lee Sungyeol are still growing.. What..? Why?? keke
I feel so jumbled up writing a message right after practicing.. Everybody is practicing really hard we don’t even look at each other anymore ^^
Now it’s D-23!!! Show~~ Time~~ I really really want to hurry up and meet everyone on stage.
Um.. how shod I say this.. I think if we get to see everyone for our first performance, I think it will make the best memories ^^;; I’m nervous…
These days I’m so used to the late night air so I have to breathe it in in order to sleep~ That’s pretty cool? keke
Now I have to go practice again~ Gogo ssing! I will show you!!
Just a little! wait just a l~~~ittle bit more! Show Time Baby~~!!! D-23

CREDITS: Aria Fancafe (SOURCE); evilstepsister#2@NLi (TRANS)

kekekkekeke~ Dongwoo~ keliatan semangat banget ya..


2 Responses to “100517 Dongwoo’s message to kfans”

  1. oppa finghting
    i love u ^__^

  2. Htet Oo Khin Says:

    We are your fans whatever you do. April first is your comeback day,,,,, right. Fighting…………………….

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