100816 Twitter & YOZM Updates


Seongyeol1991: 에너지 절약 합시다!!!! Let’go 에너지 절약콘서트!!

Seongyeol1991: Let’s save energy!!!! Let’s go Saving Energy Concert!!

EDIT (5:15 EST): + 4 Under the Cut

INFINITELKIM: 시청앞광장으로모여!!!!

INFINITELKIM: Gather at the plaza in front of city hall!!!!

hoya1991: 염색을 자주해서 머리카락 상태가 너무 안좋아요!ㅜ 어떻게 하면 다시 좋아질수있을까요?????-_-ㅋㅋ

hoya1991: Because I dye my hair so much, my hair’s condition is so bad!ㅜ What should I do to make it better????? -_- Keke



INFINITELKIM: 에너지절약콘서트 시청앞광장으로!!!!

INFINITELKIM: Saving Energy Concert; come to the plaza in front of city hall!!!!

infinite호야: 너무 더워요!!

infiniteHoya: It’s so hot!!

인피니트성열: 울림 이중엽 보스님 요즘 아이디를 공개할게요!!!       starmaker-ljy. 많이 친추하세요!!!

InfiniteSungyeol: Revealing Woolim’s boss, Lee Joongyeop’s YOZM ID!!! starmaker-ljy. Follow him!!!

인피니트성열: 내 볼살은 어찌할꼬..

InfiniteSungyeol: What am I going to do about my chubby cheeks (literally translated: cheek fat)..

CREDITS: Sungyeol, Hoya, + L’s Twitter & Yozm ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Translations)


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